About Us

Here in Sugito Academy, we offer learning course for people who have no background in mandarin language. We aim to help our students to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and achieving proficiency in mandarin language.

Our course will help participants to learn mandarin language at elementary level with appropriate grammar and vocabulary. We emphasize on oral communication skills in situational context. Our students will be given tasks to ensure better learning and utilization of the language.


  1. To provide a systematic and efficient learning method and platform.
  2. To offer learning opportunities for the people


Committed in enriching people potential with mandarin language and allowing a better relationship between cultures: mutual understanding, social interaction and business contacts.


  1. To deliver effective and efficient learning method for our students.
  2. To assist in understanding of cultural behaviour through language.
  3. To provide interactive activities to ensure better learning process.
  4. To develop practical knowledge on other culture.
  5. To promote a better relationship between culture in our country.
  6. To help expanding potential of our students.