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Basic Mandarin Communicatoon Skills

8 classes

This course offers a valuable training on basic Mandarin communication skills. Our training sessions help participants to learn about the way to pronounce Mandarin easily. We create a formula to help participants to learn Mandarin easier and faster.

Basic English Class

8 classes

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Basic Mandarin Oline Class

8 Classes

This class will teach you the basics of spoken Mandarin. In this class you will be taught about the language, its dialects and the Pinyin writing system which is used to transcribe Mandarin sounds into the Roman alphabet.

Learn From Home

Online Class Offerings



Class Formats



Exercise books are given to the students to allow them to do exercise while they are at home. These exercise books are to ensure the students will not forget what they have learn and also act as a reference to them. All the books are provided the QR Code to allow students view the module by the code.



Students will also be encouraged to take part in the class activities to allow teacher to analyse their performance and progress. These activities also will improve on the student confidence and motivations in speaking any language.



Within the group, the teacher will also provide videos / links to videos that will help them with their studies. Whether the video is made by us, or links to the videos that will be educational to the students. Videos are fun an easy to watch by the students and also allowing them to refresh their learnings and also make reference on it.


Support Group

Apart from learning process in the class, our students will also be a part of our support group as in WhatsApp, telegram and WeChat group. The group allows discussion among the students and the teacher. By having this support group the students will be able to ask questions and keep in touch with the teacher regarding our lessons at anytime and anywhere.

Class For Individuals

  • Lessons are created specifically for your own language requirements
  • Have total personal attention from your teacher – you are learning all the time
  • Can ask for as much error correction, explanations and feedback as you want without worrying about any other students in the class

Group Classes

    • Interacting with your classmates is highly effective for your language development.
    • Mixed-level classes can help everyone learn more. The lower-level learners will be pushed more than if they were alone, and the higher-level learners can solidify their knowledge by helping others.
    • The questions and additional information from the other learners in class can add extra information that the instructor didn’t plan on teaching.
    • You can make friends and business connections.

Online Class

  • Learn From Anywhere 

    Online learning, on the other hand, can be done from anywhere. On a particularly busy day, you can “go to class” from the comforts of your home and you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas

  • Interactive, Immediate Feedback

    The interactive components of online learning differentiate it from traditional classroom experiences. From click-to-submit review quizzes, to automated games, to computer activities, e-learning often blends tried and true learning tools with a highly interactive interface. 


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