English Communication Skills

8 Lessons of 120min

Effective communication skills are necessary for work and business interactions. A good communicator can get things done fast but a poor communicator is just the opposite. Poor communication can lead to instructions not followed, business slowdown, disagreements and conflicts at the workplace. The pitfalls of communication can be expensive and lead to disastrous consequences. We must improve our communication skills if we want to get things done fast, connect with all levels of people, avoid misunderstandings and achieve our company goals. One of the greatest pitfalls in communication is poor listening. Listening is an important catalyst in effective communication. Listening understands. Master the skill of active listening for better understanding and problem solving.

Level - Basic

  • Communication process
  • Creating impressions
  • Vocabulary/choice of words
  • Activities – application


Course Objectives & Outcomes

  • To speak with confidence and competence in moderate-level oral interactions in and outside of the classroom.
  • To be aware of the different forms of language when in a conversational situation.
  • To form simple sentence patterns with new and correct vocabularies and pronunciation.
  • To be fluent with accurate use of words bearing in mind the correct utterances.
  • To partake in oral learning tasks and engage themselves in social interactions in and outside of the classroom.

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